our Learners are flying!

We are so proud of all our learners, its takes commitment, resilience, and tenacity to complete an Apprenticeship in a Health, Housing and Social Care setting and this month we have seen a number of astonishing results and promotions. Here are our August celebration stories.

Let’s start with our UTS Star Learner of the Month

Daniel Keech of St Mungo’s, who is completing his Level 2 Adult Care Worker Programme.

Our team have nominated Daniel because……
“Daniel is new to the sector and Health & Social Care. He is working hard to maintain a good balance between work and the apprenticeship.
He is submitting good work where he is gaining a distinction for the assignments.
There has been disruption in the service due to moving buildings, and he has continued to complete work on time.
Daniel has a good attitude for learning and willingness to learn and go beyond his capability”


At UTS we see the positive impact Apprenticeships have on career progression. It’s so rewarding to see so many of our learners achieve a qualification and go on and achieve significant promotions because of their hard work. Apprenticeships are clearly pathing the way into senior and leadership positions.

Terry Kelleher: Peabody Housing: Level 3 Apprenticeship
Promotion from Senior Support Worker to Acting Manager
As a direct result of Terry’s Apprenticeship, he has been given a lot more responsibility around managing the teams and instructing senior level, supervisory work. Throughout my apprenticeship he was able to learn from tutors and other learners on the course and subsequently given him a new perspective and encouragement to develop his career into management.

Abimbola Akinlemibola: From Peabody: Level 3 Lead adult care worker: Promotion from Support Worker to Senior Support Worker
It’s great news that Abbie has been promoted and we are really pleased that she has gained confidence and significantly broadened her knowledge of the legislation in the sector and insights into what is expected of her to continue progressing further in her career.

Lauren Harris Gold Care Homes: Level 4 lead practitioner.
Promotion to Deputy Manager. Lauren’s story….
“Starting my Level 4 apprenticeship for Leadership in Adult Social Care gave me the confidence to apply the Deputy Manager position. Without the support of my assessor, Julie, and the knowledge that I have gained and continue to learn, I do not believe I would already be at this next stage in my career progression. The work I do in my apprenticeship supports me to continue progressing through adult social care. I have enjoyed and learnt loads from working alongside other people who are on my qualification course as it has given me further insight into the work that different areas of the sector do. I look forward to carrying out the Deputy Manager role to the best of my ability”

We have had brilliant number of learners achieving Distinction grades.
Well done we are so proud of you.
UTS are now running at 100% distinction graders for our Level 5 Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeships, with 100% timely completions.

Lesley Alister: Level 5 Leader in Adult Care from Hightown Housing achieved a distinction grade. Amazing work, well done Lesley.

Carmel Docherty: Level 2 in Adult Care from St Mungo’s achieved a distinction grade.

Super work Carmel and thank you for your kind words.

“Thank you for everything, working with you has been a pleasure. I have had a difficult time with my mental health, and it has meant I have struggled at times with the qualification and fell behind. You never scolded me and took time to support me with my learning. You encouraged me to complete the course with kindness and patience” , Carmel.

Muhammad Qaiser: Level 5 Leader in Adult Care from Hightown Housing achieved a distinction grade. Fabulous work, well done Muhammad

Rachel Davies: Level 5 Leader in Adult Care from Hertfordshire County Council achieved a distinction grade! Incredible work, well done Rachel.

Malgorzata Wilczko: Level 5 Leader in Adult Care from Hightown Housing achieved a Distinction grade.

Tremendous work, well done Malgorzata.

On behalf of our Apprenticeship Team at UTS a huge well done again to everyone.
Continue the great attitude to learning! Hannah, Julie, Michelle, Marilyn and Charlotte

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